chain bucket elevators

Product description/ Product description


Chain bucket elevators, also known as GTD bucket elevators, GTH bucket elevators, bucket elevators, etc., are TD and TH bucket elevators. Our designers maintain TD type according to the needs of the domestic market. Based on the original advantages and advanced performance of the TH-type hoist, a new generation of GTD-type and GTH-type high-efficiency bucket hoists were introduced.


  1. Wide range of lifting and large conveying capacity
  2.  materials and dust are rarely spilled, rarely cause environmental pollution
  3.  mixing or gravity unloading, picking feed
  4.  convenient maintenance, saving raw materials, reducing maintenance costs
  5. with a self-centering effect, to avoid the conveyor belt deviation
  6.  with a leveler and speed controller, users can make as needed

Working Principle

The high-efficiency bucket elevator produced by Maverick is a belt type, with EP conveyor belt and steel cord core tape as the traction member.

The GTH type is a chain type, and the high-strength chain is used as a traction member. The chain is manufactured according to GB/T12718-91 "High-strength circular chain for mining".

This equipment has two types of hoppers:

Sh type, this is a deep type bucket, generally suitable for conveying dry, loose, easy to throw, good fluidity materials, such as cement, coal, gravel, grain and other materials.

The zh type is a bucket that is shallower than a deep bucket, and it is suitable for poor fluidity. Slightly wet materials such as sand, coal, and chemical raw materials.

Technical parameter

Different buckets are equipped with different conveying capacities, Therefore, the high-efficiency bucket elevator technical parameter list is listed as two types.

sh buckets

technical parameterTDG160TDG200TDG250TDG315TDG400TDG500TDG630
buckets volume(L)
buckets distance(mm)260300325360420460520
buckets speed(m/s)
Lifting height(m)80808080808080

zh buckets

technical parameterTDG160TDG200TDG250TDG315TDG400TDG500TDG630
buckets volume(L)
buckets distance(mm)260300325360420460520
buckets speed(m/s)
Lifting height(m)80808080808080

Note: The capacity  in the table is calculated according to the filling rate of 75%.


GTD and GTH high-efficiency chain bucket elevators are characterized by large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable operation and long service life.

It is suitable for vertical conveying of dry bulk materials, and can be widely used in material transportation systems of building materials, chemicals, coal, electric power, port transportation and other industries。

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