Tubular chain scraper conveyor

Product description/ Product description


The tubular chain scraper conveyor is also called tube chain conveyor. When working, the chain with a disc scraper moves in a closed tube. The scraper is used to push the material forward along the tube. It is a continuous energy-saving and efficient Conveying equipment.

Working Principle

The tubular chain scraper conveyor is a continuous conveying device for conveying bulk materials ,such as powder, small particles and small blocks, which can be conveyed in a combination of horizontal, inclined and vertical. In the closed tube, the chain scraper is used as the transmission member to move the animal material along the tube. When transported horizontally, the material particles are pushed by the chain scraper in the direction of movement. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction between the material and the tube wall, the material moves forward with the chain scraper to form a stable flow; when transported vertically, the material particles in the tube are pushed upward by the chain scraper because the lower part The feed material prevents the upper material from sliding down and generates lateral pressure, which enhances the internal friction of the material. When the internal friction between the material is greater than the friction between the material and the inner wall of the tube and the weight of the material, the material is transported upward with the chain. Forming a continuous stream.

Technical parameter

modelpower(kw)Pipe diametercapacity(m3 /h)


1.Plastics industry: PVC, PP PE powder, ABS PC PP PE particle.

2.Fine chemical industry: dye pigment coating, carbon black titanium pigment, iron oxide ceramic powder, heavy calcium carbonate, fine particle, calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate, silica, silica, activated carbon.

3.Mining: urea ammonium bicarbonate ammonium bicarbonate sodium bicarbonate, solid pesticide, tungsten powder, fish oil, copper powder, coal powder, lump phosphate, bauxite, etc.

4.Building materials: cement clay, yellow sand, sand, quartz, clay powder, silica powder, white dolomite, silk-glass, silica, silica, etc.

5.Food industry: flour starch grains, milk powder food additives, etc.



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