FU chain conveyor

Product description/ Product description


FU chain conveyor and scraper conveyor, FU buried scraper conveyor, chain conveyor, etc., is a special form of buried scraper conveyor, is the company introduces foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic practical design of a kind of used for level (or tilt 15 ° or less) transport powder, granular material conveying machinery. This product design is reasonable, the structure is novel, the service life is long, the operation is reliable, energy saving is efficient, sealing, safe and maintenance is convenient. Its use performance is superior to spiral conveyer, embedded scraper conveyer and other conveying equipment, it is a kind of ideal new transmission equipment.


  1. Large throughput, allowing large quantities of materials to be transported in small capacity space, conveying capacity of 15 ~ 500m3/h.
  2. Low energy consumption, with the help of the internal friction of materials, it is 40% ~ 60% compared to the screw conveyor.
  3. Sealing and safety. The fully sealed shell makes the dust seamless and can be operated safely and reliably.
  4. Long service life, with advanced heat treatment of alloy steel for conveying chain, its normal life is >3 years, and the roller life on chain (according to different materials) is 1 ~ 3 years.
  5. Long transmission length, the horizontal transport distance can be up to 60 meters.
  6. The process layout is flexible, can be elevated, ground, ground pit, climb slope (15) installation, can be more and more in and out of the material.
  7. Low cost, energy-saving and durable, low maintenance rate, lower consumption and higher efficiency.

Working Principle

Powder has the characteristics of internal friction and lateral pressure, it in the machine by the conveyor chain groove in the direction of tension, increase the internal pressure, particle inside between the friction force increases, the level of transportation, ensure the stability of the material between layers within the friction state, formed a continuous flow as a whole. When the internal friction between the material layer is greater than the external friction between the material and the wall, the material moves forward along with the conveyor chain. When the ratio of the height of the material layer to the width of the slot meets certain conditions, the feed flow is stable and the material speed is equal to the chain speed.
FU chain conveyor mainly consists of head wheel, tail wheel, conveyor chain, chassis and driving device. A symmetrical l-shaped round steel is welded at regular intervals on the conveyor chain to drive the material.

Technical parameter

Groove width (mm150200270350410500600800
Optimum size(mm≤4≤5≤7≤9≤11≤13≤15≤18
largest size (mm≤8≤10≤14≤18≤21≤25≤30≤36
Speed (m/scapacity(m3/h


The product is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small materials. The following representative materials are selected from more than 1000 kinds of transferable materials for reference. They are: cement, sand, limestone, coal powder, coke powder, sawdust, urea, synthetic fertilizers, crushed ice, stone powder, soap powder, baking soda, plastic particles, sulphur, polyethylene has ene, and resin, potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfide, graphite, clay powder, quartz powder, iron powder, ground slag, wheat, salt, starch, cottonseed, broken feed, malt sugar, rice, soybeans and corn, etc.

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