Single-cone double screw mixer

Product description/ Product description

Single-cone double screw mixer is a new kind of high efficiency mixing equipment which is designed with the advantages of Japanese single helix and domestic "SLH" double spiral cone mixer. It can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel type, super heavy, explosion-proof type, clamping type, etc.

1. Mixing uniform and sealing operation.

2.Beautiful shape and reasonable structure.

3.Safe operation and convenient maintenance.

4.Low energy consumption, large loading coefficient and small footprint.

Working Principle

Single-cone double screw mixer main motor through reducer, helical gear drives the two screw rotation, is the material on the under the agitation of spiral upward direction, and through the cantilever revolves round cylinder arm driven by gear machine, make the material around the cylinder can be stirred, in article 2 transmission device, under the joint action of material can produce cylinder arm upwards, intermediate subsidence movement direction, making the material complete mixing action in a very short period of time.

Technical parameter

Batch maximum output(KG)2003006501200180025003600600090001200018000
Revolution/rotation (r/min)2/1082/1082/572/572/571.8/571.8/571.8/571.2/571.2/571.2/57


Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fertilizer, fuel, plastics, metallurgy, mining, building materials, foodstuff, monosodium glutamate, iodized salt, feed additives, and other industries, it is all sorts of industry powder (grain) (that is, the solid - solid mixed), solid-liquid mixture adding liquid (solid) ideal equipment.

The machine adaptable to mixture of heat-sensitive materials won't produce overheating phenomenon, don't pressure feedback and grinding granular materials, proportion of six to one or a combination of particle thickness, different material will not produce delamination segregation phenomenon. The mixed oil with different granularity and superfine material, fibrous material or flake material is better.

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