Three-dimensional mixer

Product description/ Product description


In the operation of SYH series three-dimensional mixer, due to the multi-directional operation of the mixing barrel, various materials accelerate the flow and diffusion during the mixing process, and at the same time avoid the segregation of material gravity caused by the centrifugal force of the general mixer. Accumulation, mixing without dead ends, can effectively ensure the best quality of the mixture.

Working Principle

The mixing barrel of the SYH series three-dimensional mixer is suspended by the two Y-shaped universal joints at the end of the main and driven shafts, and the two universal joints are repeatedly moved in the space, such as translation, rotation and tumbling. The material is followed by a three-dimensional composite motion in the cylinder, axial, radial and circumferential. The various materials in the cylinder flow, diffuse, and dope each other, and finally appear in a uniform state.

The machine is composed of a base, a transmission system, an electrical control system, a multi-directional motion mechanism, a mixing cylinder and the like. The mixing cylinder that is in direct contact with the material is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the inner and outer walls of the barrel are mirror-polished.

Technical parameter

Mixing volume (L)55010020040060080010001500
Maximum load capacity(L)33060120240250480600900
Maximum load weight(kg)2.52550100200300400500750
Spindle speed(r/min)241515121010101010
Motor power (kw)0.551.


The material has no centrifugal force during the mixing process, no specific gravity segregation and stratification, accumulation phenomenon, each component can be evenly mixed under the weight ratio of the hanging beads, the mixing rate is over 99%.

The charging coefficient is high, which can reach 80% (about 40% for ordinary mixers) and the mixing time is short. It is an ideal product among various mixers.

The equipment is compact in structure, and the transmission part adopts stepless speed regulation (frequency conversion or electromagnetic speed regulation), which is very convenient to operate.

The barrel is circularly transitioned everywhere and is precision polished to meet GMP requirements.


SYH series three-dimensional motion mixer is a high-efficiency mixing equipment, which can be used for high-uniformity mixing of powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry, machinery, electronics, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry, scientific research and other enterprises.

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