The drum of the EYH two-dimensional mixer

Product description/ Product description


The drum of the EYH two-dimensional mixer can move in two directions at the same time, one for the rotation of the drum. The other is the pendulum swinging with the swing frame. The mixture is rotated, inverted, and mixed with the drum in the drum, and the mixing motion of the left and right back and forth occurs with the swing of the drum. Under the joint action of the two movements, the material is obtained in a short time. Full blending. EYH two-dimensional mixer is widely used in the mixing of powder and granular materials.

Working Principle

The two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts: the drum, the dancing frame and the frame. The drum is mounted on the pendulum, which is supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two retaining wheels, Among the four supporting rollers, two of the driving wheels are manually rotated by the rotating power system, and the swinging frame is driven by a set of crank swinging mechanism, the cranking lever is mechanically mounted on the frame, and the swinging frame is supported by the bearing group.


The mixing drum of this machine participates in the swing while the drive is being driven, so that the materials in the cylinder can be fully mixed. The discharge port of the mixing cylinder deviates from the center line of the cylindrical portion of the mixing cylinder, so that the machine has the characteristics of rapid mixing, large mixing amount and convenient discharging.

(1) Advanced structure, convenient operation and safe and reliable operation.

(2) The mixing speed is fast and the quality is uniform.

(3) The energy saving effect is remarkable.

(4) The wear and pressure feed of the granular material is small.

(5) The mixed preparation is stable, and no delamination or segregation occurs.

(6) The machine is dust-free, easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and long in service life. In addition, the cone can be made into a pressure vessel for pressurization or vacuum operation according to user requirements.

(7) It has multi-directional movement, so that the material in the cylinder is mixed more, and the mixing effect is remarkable.

Technical parameter



This machine is widely used in medicine, chemical, food, dye, feed, fertilizer, pesticide and other industries, especially for the mixing of various solid materials in large tonnage (1000L-10000L).

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