Coulter mixer

Product description/ Product description


The model consists of a transmission mechanism, a horizontal cylinder, a coulter and a flying knife. The material moves convectively along the wall of the cylinder under the action of the coulter. When the material flows through the flying knife, it is thrown by the high-speed rotating flying knife, so that uniform mixing can be achieved in a short time. It can satisfy most complex processes such as solid-liquid mixing, wet granulation and drying.

 working  principle

The coulter mixer, the spindle reducer drives the shaft movement of the coulter group, and a part moves the material radially along the circumference of the cylinder, and at the same time throws the material along the normal direction of the two sides of the coulter, and the other part is thrown by the material. In the flying knife group, the flying knife that is rotated by high speed is sheared and stirred, and is also strongly suitable for the materials of sticky, thick, block solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-paste (powder and cement) or Materials with large differences in density can also be mixed.


The coulter mixer is mainly composed of a transmission part, a horizontal cylinder, a coulter shaft, a flying knife group, a discharge valve, a liquid spraying device and the like.

1.Transmission part: It is transmitted to the coulter shaft by the main motor and reducer.

2.Horizontal cylinder: The horizontal cylinder carries materials, the upper part of the cylinder is provided with a feeding port and an observation hole, and a material cleaning door is opened on one side of the cylinder body.

3.Coulter shaft: The coulter arranges the coulter data according to the volume, and is mounted on the main shaft to make a circular motion mixture in the cylinder.

4.Flying knife group: The secondary motor is directly connected to each group with different sizes of data. The high-speed flying knife has a strong stirring effect.

5.Discharge valve: Install the bottom of the cylinder for discharging.

6.Liquid spraying device: The liquid discharging device is arranged on the upper part of the cylinder body, and is composed of a pipe member and a nozzle component, and is fixedly distributed in the cylinder body to be evenly distributed and scattered.

7.can be customized: jacket heating, cooling, drying type.

 Technical parameter

Full volume(m³)
Loading Factor0.3~0.6
Mixing time (min) 




Material fineness(μm) 








Equipment weight45076086015202110212068007200

Maximum size





Coulter mixer is widely used in solid materials (powder and powder) and solids in chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, building materials, plastics, adhesive raw materials, food raw materials, powder metallurgy, mining materials, petroleum raw materials and other industries. Liquid (powder and cement), block-viscous material mixed with jacketed heating and drying


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